Conditions We Treat

  • Head

    Headaches can be provoked by stress, neck injuries, jaw disorders, or postural problems. Our therapists use manual techniques, including spinal mobilization, stretching, and craniosacral therapy, as well as postural exercise and education, to help alleviate your pain.

  • Jaw

    Jaw pain (sometimes referred to as temporomandibular dysfunction or TMD/TMJ) is often caused by postural or dental problems. Our therapists use gentle manual techniques to your face, head, neck, and the inside of your mouth, as well as education and modalities, to alleviate your complaints of jaw pain, ear ringing or stuffiness, headaches, and neck pain.

  • Neck

    Neck pain is very common in people who have stressful jobs, especially working on a computer or with other desk work. Injury caused by poor posture, overuse, automobile accidents, or strain can cause damage to the muscles, connective tissue, bones, or discs in the neck. We use advanced manual techniques, therapeutic exercise, and modalities to treat your complaints of muscular pain and tension, as well as numbness/tingling in the upper extremities.

  • Shoulder

    The shoulder is very mobile and is often injured by poor posture causing impingement problems, or by sports or traumatic injury causing rotator cuff irritation or tears. We frequently treat people who have tendinitis, capsulitis, or impingement after surgery.

  • Elbow

    The elbow is frequently a source of pain in active people, particularly golfers and tennis players. Unfortunately, it is even more common in people with prolonged keyboard use. We treat people with elbow tendinitis, arthritis, and post-surgery issues.

  • Hand & Wrist

    Our hands and wrists are prone to repetitive stress injuries. We frequently treat people with tendinitis, fractures, and pre- and post-surgical carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • Thoracic

    Mid-back pain is very common and is often related to postural problems, lifting injuries, or car accidents. Our therapists find that restoring thoracic mobility and strength is vital in controlling neck and low back complaints.

  • Low Back

    Low back pain is very common and can be provoked by many different factors. It can be related to postural problems, poor body mechanics, structural problems, disc disease, or injury. Our therapists are experts in determining the cause and using advanced manual techniques, therapeutic exercise, and education to alleviate your pain.

  • Hip

    Hip pain can be caused by degenerative changes, bursitis, overuse, or poor spinal mechanics. We see patients pre- and/or post-surgically to restore normal strength, mobility, and function through strengthening, postural retraining, and manual therapy.

  • Knee

    Knee pain is commonly caused by sports-related injury, but is equally commonly provoked by inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, bursitis, or cartilage disorders. Our therapists are skilled in treating a wide variety of post-surgical problems, as well as returning the high-level athlete to full function.

  • Ankle & Foot

    Foot and ankle pain is commonly provoked by sprains and strains, but it also can be related to degenerative changes. Our therapists are skilled in using manual techniques, therapeutic exercise, and modalities to get you back to your usual activities.