Patrick O’Rourke, PT, DPT, OCS

“I believe in a collaborative approach in physical therapy where I join my patient’s team from day one. I turn to all of my experiences from the classroom and from the clinic to formulate a plan to help my patients reduce their pain and move better. I do everything in my power to help them meet their goals whether they are related to daily or recreational activities. I genuinely appreciate every success as I understand the effort put forth by each patient that I have the opportunity to work with.”

Patrick grew up on the east coast and graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Finance. After briefly working in the industry, he realized that he wanted a profession where he would have an opportunity to connect with people on a daily basis and help them achieve their goals. With this thought, he went back to Temple University in Philadelphia to prepare for a graduate program in physical therapy.

Patrick went on to attend the #1 ranked University of Southern California to obtain his Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT). Throughout his time there, he achieved a Merit Award for Academic Excellence each year. He also received the Beth E. Fisher Scholarship, which was given to the individual who demonstrates empathy with patients, integrates knowledge from a variety of sources and has the potential to contribute to the advancement of clinical practice. At graduation, he was honored with the Order of the Golden Cane for Excellence, which is the highest honor awarded to graduates of the Division.

He felt there was more to learn from the highly-esteemed academic faculty and clinicians at USC so he decided to continue his learning and completed an orthopedic residency to become a Board-Certified Specialist in Orthopedic Physical Therapy. During this time, he treated patients at an outpatient private practice, worked with surgeons during clinical care and in the operating room, participated in patient-centered research, taught in USC’s DPT program and met weekly with fellow residents for literature reviews and case-based clinical review.

He moved back to the east coast after completing residency and accepted a position as a Physical Therapy Educator and Assistant Professor of Practice with the University of Delaware, a program that had just joined USC atop the DPT program rankings. During his time there, he treated in the Sports and Orthopedic clinic working with members of the local community as well as student-athletes at the university. He was a credentialed clinical instructor for the DPT students and mentored in the Sports and Orthopedic Residency programs. He coordinated multiple courses related to patient management throughout the curriculum. He was published multiple times in international academic journals and textbooks on topics including the treatment of low back pain in adolescents, progressive load on the Achilles tendon through exercise, and the evaluation and management of tendinopathy for basketball players. To expand his own craft and passion for clinical care, he completed a two-year program to become a Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapy. This included over 130 hours of one-on-one direct mentoring during patient care from the fellowship director as well as hundreds of hours of didactic work, chart reviews and lab sessions with both written and live examinations.

After spending a few years away, he felt the draw back to the west coast as he and his wife, Katie, enjoy nearly all of their free time outdoors. They moved back to the Huntington Beach area to take advantage of the access to outdoor activities at the beach, in the woods, and in the mountains. He joined the Huntington Beach Physical Therapy Specialists team to contribute to a team of elite clinicians and to serve the local community.

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